Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 or Xoom 10.1 or Apple ipad 2 ?

This is the time for upgrade myself with a Tablet ,I have roamed around the blogs ,forums and product web sites to study about the best Tablet in the market ,Ye I’ve found the best match for me after 48 hrs of hard work .

There were lot of famous  devices like  Apple iPad ,then iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7” for past  years ,but I missed all those to taken into the account due to my Nokia Mania ,I hope I am coming out from it little by little.

Why do you need a Tablet PC

Basically tablet Pcs are not necessary if you are not always on the move ,I hope . If you have a good smart phone and a light weight Note Book that’s all for your needs today.

If you  do lot of reading ,and like to have lot of email communications then you have to think about Tablet PCs .

I do travel a lot and cannot live with internet and email ,so I deserved to have a Tablet PC.

The Best Tablets of  Year 2011- You have to compare before buy !

Apple iPad II is a famous device no doubt ,even Apple has given re birth to the Tablet industry . Samsung Galaxy tab 7” too seemed good. I mostly give priority to hardware and conscious about openness of the software and future updates . I thought to go for a mid sized  8.9′ tablet from Samsung but ,see what I have choosed after a short break ! 

Appli iPad II ,why I didn’t go for it

  • Closed nature of IOS , Lack of Free Apps availability
  • No adobe flash support ,makes web experience bad
  • Missing flash light in the camera and the lesser resolutions of the cams

Why I didn’t go for Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 ”

samsung galaxy tab 10.1"

It is for a simple reason ,the device is not released  yet ! otherwise I would have gone for this definitely

Ok ,Then why not Samsung Galaxy Tab 7”

It is an old model now and the screen size matters to me ,I need bigger !

Finally What did you choose ?

motorola xoom 10.1 review

Ye ,I have gone for a Motorola Xoom 10.1’ 3G/Wi-Fi model. Currently Xoom is the tablet with all features under the roof. Even though little bit heavier than Apple I pad 2(613 Grams Vs 725 Grams) ,Xoom captured a place in my mind for various reasons .

There are lot of reasons to go for Xoom ,please come back to have a full fledge review of Xoom and Applications list here !

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