World’s Thinner Solar Panel for Mobiles from Sharp

A solar cell made from a monocrystalline silic...

providing power to the mobiles are becoming a problem on the go ,there were lot of news about alternative ways. But Sharp scientists finally found a thinner solar panel that can be attached to the mobile devices. Sooner this panel will be available in the market and will be fixed with the mobiles.Now your power source problem has gone !.

This newly developed solar module makes effective use of compact semiconductor packaging technology to achieve a thickness of just 0.8 mm, the thinnest level in the industry.

The solar cells that make up the module are based on polycrystalline silicon and deliver a maximum power of 300 mW, and as an auxiliary power source for mobile devices, will contribute to saving energy.

 In addition, the electrode pattern on the cell surface can be formed to meet the requirements of device manufacturers, leading to increased design flexibility for mobile devices

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