What is cloud computing


Cloud computing is the latest technology ,being developed for years by IT giants like Amazon,Google.

What is all about it.

Very basic feature of cloud is ,obtaining a remote location to save your files. So that you can open and see the files,upload new files from any part of the world via a computer connector to internet.It is like using you email box on the go.

But cloud computing is not only limited to the storage access. It is about sharing applications ,running application from the remote server locally.

For example ,if you have a company with 50 Pcs ,if you want to reduce your costs of applications and IT infrastructure ,you can obtain the cloud computing facility from a company like Google. When you get this facility you can run the application without buying it ,but on monthly rental . Pay as you go. Eg you can run MS office via cloud computing,save the files in the remote location . All comes from remote servers that is not physically located in your office…

Where ever you move you can open and run the files ,modify the files . The benefit of cloud computing is ,the cost cutting. When you have to purchase many applications and IT resources like networking,servers to do an operation,you can simply go for the cloud computing.

Watch in video !

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  • Darren

    One of the other benefits of the cloud is that it saves energy (cuts cost and helps the environment). I think the most important thing that cloud will offer is more affordable infrastructure and SaaS usage–especially helpful in a recovering economy. This article had some helpful comparisons of different services and some case studies.


  • Thank you verymuch Darren,you comment ads value for the article. Thanks again. Please continue to offer your valuable ideas.


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