Polaroid Camera Back to market : Instant prints

I am Remembering  the golden old day ,when my farther sent me polaroid camera from Germany , I was proud to take photos and get it printed instantly . After so many years ,again people paid attention on this camera technology .

Polaroid is launching an up to date, slick digital version – the PoGo Instant Digital camera/printer combo.

You can view, crop and even add borders then print your pictures in less than 60 seconds on 2×3-inch, peel-off, sticky-backed paper. The camera easily connects to a PC or Mac where photos can be uploaded and saved from the camera’s 16 MB internal memory or optional SD card. It measures 4.7-inches wide by 3-inches tall and weighs only 10 ounces. Pretty nifty.

It’s will be available in the beginning of March 2009 for around £130 and don’t forget you will also need packs of ZINK Photo Paper too (around £8 for 30 sheets).

Those golden days are back.

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