Mobile Phone Roulette

Perhaps you caught someone playing mobile roulette on their mobile phone on the way to work and they were having so much fun you thought you had to try it too. Or perhaps you enjoy online roulette and are ready to play roulette even when you don’t have easy access to a computer or the Internet. Either way, if you want to play mobile roulette but aren’t sure how, read on.

Step One to Playing Mobile Roulette: Getting the Application

Before you can play mobile roulette, you’ll need a mobile roulette application. Finding one online isn’t hard, just search for a mobile casino site. Getting it onto your phone isn’t hard either, providing your mobile device is compatible. There will be a list of devices on the site that will tell you. If your device isn’t one of them, you’re out of luck unless you can find a different mobile casino that can connect with your device. With compatibility out of the way, just put your phone number and the appropriate code into the website and verify the application on your mobile device.

Step Two to Playing Mobile Roulette: Set Up

To play, set up a mobile casino account in the same way as you would if you wanted to play roulette online. Just as with an online casino, you’ll want to make sure you have a nice sign up bonus code to get money added to your bankroll just for playing. Once you’re loaded with funds, all you have to do is go to the application to get started. United States players may not be able to play mobile roulette or any mobile games under current U.S. gaming legislation.

Step Three to Playing Mobile Roulette: Play

Play mobile roulette the same way you would play live or online roulette, except you’ll need to use the keypad to move chips onto the virtual felt rather than a mouse or your hands. It’s pretty easy, but if you need some practice to get the hang of it, you can play for free in demo mode until you are comfortable. After that, it’s just the roulette you know and love.

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