Microsoft’s “Bing” a next generation search engine coming soon ! Tips and Screen shots


Microsoft announced about their new Search engine “Bing” on 28th May 2009 which will come with their very own modern technology.

I guess that this will be something, a trend changer next to Google.

But Bing coming up with some new ideas. your search results will be the relevant contents almost in all available forms and with categories. It gives you results with categories, maps,videos, comparisons ,when it is a purchase it gives you the best deals first. More intelligence for a search engine.

Every search also generates a guide on the left to help you refine your search. A search for “kinkajou,” for example, lets you refine by images, facts, sale, breeders, care, diseases, and videos. A search for “Samsung LCD TVs” brings up an entirely different set of guided results: shopping, review, manual, repair, buy, stand, images, and videos. If you search for images of “butterflies,” it lets you sift to show just Monarch, Swallowtail, Viceroy, Owl, and other types of butterflies. All of this categorization and concept-matching is Microsoft’s early attempt to bring in some basic semantic search technologies into a mainstream search engine. Each guided option is dynamically generated, just like the different sections of the search results page. “Google, tried to preempt this,” says Mehdi, referring to Google’s new search refinement options it launched last week, which is also in the left pane. Those Google options, which include the ability to search across different time periods or for related keywords, are “completely static,” criticizes Mehdi. “There is nothing new about it. It is a very minor rev, not as sophisticated as what we are doing. For us ever query is special.”

Bing also takes advantage of Microsoft’s acquisition of Powerest to provide better previews and snippets of text when you hover over a result. Also, whenever a search brings up a “reference” tab in the guided exploration pane, clicking on that will bring up an enhanced Wikipedia article with semantic tags. image Here you see an example ,when you search for “Digital Cameras” Bing brings you the results with images in the main area and categories as digital camera reviews,blogs ,trouble shoot,buy  (to your left) now you have more options to find the very closer result. image The results for above search produces ,price comparison ,reviews, then features of the products you search. image image A result for the search “Diabetes” it gives you the world’s best medical source information ,drugs advices ,management tips ,the results are organized well . image This is the result of a local search for French restaurant ,us . It gives you the prices of food,available food items, parking fee ,operating hours etc.


Ok ,the final note : when it will be released ? Microsoft says “sooner” Source : Microsoft By S.Manimaraa

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3 comments to Microsoft’s “Bing” a next generation search engine coming soon ! Tips and Screen shots

  • Rajesh

    You are killing man, good screen shots, help me a lto to explore the bing faster. I hope bing going to rock.


  • HI ,thanks for the comment,Any how from my point of view Bing can be second to google in cause of time ,and it can be a passion for people for some time, still the searching algorithm of Bing is not that smart.

    Google is the best and will be the No 1 always , I hope.


  • Kalebarkab

    I want to find good pop music. Help me please.


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