Microsoft Ready to Work with Yahoo ! :Oh it's Again


Shocking waves going through the Internet from last week about Microsoft’s recent statement about their interest on Yahoo again.

Micro Soft dropped the idea of acquiring Yahoo last year after a lengthily discussion and flash newses .The following news item taken from Yahoo News and Reuters says about the new interest of Micro Soft.

U.S. software company Microsoft still sees value in a potential partnership with Yahoo even though it is no longer wants to buy it, chief executive Steve Ballmer said on Friday.

“I have said many times that we no longer are interested in acquiring Yahoo, but we’d see the potential to create real value by partnering with Yahoo,” he said at an industry event in Germany.

“I have said many times that when the time is right I’m sure we will have such discussions and I’ve said many times I’m not going to tell you when the time is right.”

Technology blog All Things Digital reported this month the chief executives of Microsoft and Yahoo had met to discuss potential partnerships between the companies’ Internet search and advertising operations. At the time, both companies declined to comment on the report.

Earlier this week, Ballmer said Microsoft was not interested in buying a hardware company following Oracle Corp‘s proposed takeover of Sun Microsystems.

Ballmer, speaking a day after Microsoft said third-quarter profit fell 32 percent, said integrating those two companies would be “very tough” given “a lot of overlap.”

People afraid that Micro Soft may put lot of restrictions on the usage of yahoo in terms of making money for them as they are well know on for it.This type of rumors comes on the community portals already.

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