Microsoft Brings "Zune Players with HD" Positioning as First HD device.

Zune is mostly a Media Player device like Apple Ipod , Microsoft introduced this devices quiet some time ago . But those are not succeeded like Apple I pods .In the beginning of this year(09) there was rumors about quiting Zune project. But now Microsoft announced to launch new device with some awesome technology.

One of  the very new additions of the Zune HD model is  HD radio receiver .

Micro Soft Zune Player

Micro Soft Zune Player

Higher Definition  radio broadcasting will be available via Microsoft’s own technology adapted radio stations to the device. At this point of time ,we cannot assume  that,what they mean by Higher Definition Radio .

Their earlier devices were made with hard drives, but the new upcoming Zune HD will be using flash memory to store information. It will me a Audio ,Video Player, Gaming device and more near to computer.Microsoft plans to offer the new Zune video service in a number of European markets, in addition to North America.

All in one Media Device

You can watch HD videos Via a connected HD TV with Zune as It will have a HD out. You can purchase media contents using Zune connected to the Wi-Fi hotspots. It has the full web browsing capabilities ,so that web browsing will be more fun with device. It has tap to Zoom function . And it auto rotates the screen as it has accelerometer . It also has an on screen QWERTY key board. Mostly it will have the all in one feature like most current mobile devices.

Micro Soft says that ,Zune HD  will be the right competitor for Apple Ipod in the market soon.

“This device is created to go head to head with the iPod Touch,” Chris Stephenson, general manager of global marketing for Microsoft Zune, declares .

By S.Manimaraa

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