HIV can be cured :: Claims Sri Lankan : True Story included

The world’s most dangerous disease AIDS . Killing millions of people every year. So many countries still in the process of finding a solutions for it . But recently found an article from a Sri Lankan news paper . That is very interesting and I hope can help a lot of people in need  treatment for this disease .

The Article from “Sunday Leader ” is given bellow >

Fighting aids with ayurvedic medicine

By Risidra Mendis

He lived a normal, peaceful life and like most of us had many plans for his future. He went overseas for better prospects and never forgot to send money to support his mother and sister in his native land.

But for Bandula his plans for the future were soon shattered when he discovered that he was HIV positive. His life changed; he lost interest in living and he thought his only option was to commit suicide and end his misery.

But for some reason Bandula decided not to commit suicide but face the future with this deadly disease, that has by now killed thousands of people around the world. His decision finally bore results that he never dreamt of. A friend of Bandula gave him the name and address of Dr. D. D. A. Hettiarachchi, who succeeded in finding a cure for Bandula’s deadly disease. Dr. Hettiarachchi is a Sri Lankan ayurvedic doctor who claims to have found a cure for the deadly HIV positive virus and has succeeded in curing some HIV positive patients and is in the process of treating many more. Bandula who by now has got a new lease of life and is in the process of rebuilding his shattered life shared his story with The Sunday Leader. Bandula is a chef by profession. In 1988 he left for Saudi Arabia to earn a living and provide a better life for his family. “I was in Saudi Arabia for five years, six months and 18 days. I had to quit my job and come back to Sri Lanka because my mother was not well. I looked after my mother and worked in Sri Lanka. I then left for Hong Kong in 2000. From Hong Kong I went to Singapore,” Bandula said. In 2001 Bandula had to give up his job as an international chef and return to Sri Lanka once again as his mother was not well. “When I came to Sri Lanka my mother was paralysed. I stayed back to look after her. On May 27, 2001 my mother passed away,” Bandula explained. By this time Bandula had decided to settle down in Sri Lanka and had got registered to his fiancee on October 31, 2002. On November 14, 2002 Bandula while on his way back to his hometown after setting a date for his wedding got a bad headache. Admitted to National Hospital “I got high fever and started shivering. I went to a doctor close by and got some medicine but the fever didn’t go down. I came to Colombo on November 15, 2002 with my nephew and got medicine from a doctor in Battaramulla. There was still no improvement in my condition so I got myself admitted to the Colombo National Hospital. I was at the National Hospital for two weeks with high fever and purging. The doctors said the purging could be due to something I ate and said I should get better and sent me home,” Bandula added. According to Bandula his glandular glands were swollen but the doctor had told him not to worry and sent him home. By this time Bandula’s purging problem had settled down but the fever remained. “I used to get fever in the nights. I went back to my doctor in Battaramulla and told him I wanted to take a blood test. I then got myself admitted to the Sri Jayewardenepura Hospital,” Bandula said. Bandula was released from the Sri Jayewardenepura Hospital after two weeks and the doctors told him no
t to worry as there was nothing seriously wrong with him. “By this time Bandula and his wife had decided to get ‘officially’ married on December 25, 2002. But when I went back to my doctor in Battaramulla he told me that my VDRL was positive and to go to the STD clinic at De Saram Place. By this time I had already distributed the wedding invitations,” Bandula said.
Deadly discovery By December 20, Bandula discovered that he was HIV positive. It was at this point in his life that Bandula had to take the most difficult decision – canceling the wedding ceremony and letting go of who was most precious to him, his wife. “It was a difficult decision to make but the doctors had told me that I have only about two to three years to live. I had to think of my wife first and decided to cancel the wedding. I didn’t tell my wife’s relatives that I was HIV positive. I said I was not well and have to cancel the wedding. ‘I hadn’t had any sexual relations with my wife so my mind was clear. However my wife’s relatives’ gave me a tough time. They called the Sri Jayewardenepura Hospital to see what was wrong with me and when the doctors said there was nothing wrong with me they tried to force me to go ahead with the wedding. But I refused,” Bandula explained. Bandula added that he thinks he contracted the deadly virus while in Hong Kong or Singapore and was forced to tell his wife’s younger sister’s husband the truth. However his wife’s relative didn’t believe him. But Bandula was determined to save his wife from this deadly disease and in February, 2003 through his lawyers got a divorce without telling his wife that he was HIV positive. “Only my lawyers knew that I was HIV positive,” Bandula explained.

It was in 2007 that Bandula finally met Dr. Hettiarachchi with the help of a friend and from then onwards his life changed for the better. “When I decided to seek treatment from Dr. Hettiarachchi, HIV positive patients at the STD clinic told me not to go for this treatment. The patients said there are many side effects when taking Sinhala medicine and the Western medicine won’t agree with the Sinhala medicine. Decision time “Dr. Ananda Wijewickrema at the STD clinic told me it was my decision to make. But I took the chance and have never regretted it. I still go to the STD clinic to get my vitamins,” Bandula said. He added that he feels much better since he started the treatment one year and two months ago. “When I first met Dr. Hettiarachchi I couldn’t talk properly, I felt very tired and my skin colour was not the usual brown. Even my eyes were protruding inward. But today these symptoms have all gone,” Bandula said. Bandula now has his own catering business and takes orders. However he takes utmost precautions when cooking and most often instructs his assistants to do the cutting and chopping. “I hope to get married again someday. I have the confidence that my blood count will be negative after 10 more months of medication. There are many NGOs who are collecting money in the country with the intention of helping HIV positive patients but none of this money is coming to the genuine HIV positive patients,” Bandula said.

HIV has killed 225 people in the country while 4000 have been recorded HIV positive  in 2007. Main ingredients Dr. Hettiarachchi uses three main ingredients, namely animal, plant and mineral products to cure HIV positive patients. Speaking to The Sunday Leader Dr. Hettiarachchi said the cures of ayurvedic medicine are respected the world over.

“It was our ancestors who discovered these wonderful remedies that have cured many people from various ailments. In Sri Lanka HIV positive patients are treated badly because the disease is spread through sexual intercourse. Due to this reason HIV positive patients keep their condition a secret and are not willing to talk about it,” Dr. Hettiarachchi explained. Explaining the stages of HIV Dr. Hettiarachchi said the first stage of HIV is when the virus first enters your body. During the second stage there are no symptoms to be seen in the patient. In the third stage the patient’s glands get swollen and in the fourth stage the AIDS related symptoms can be seen. In the fifth or last stage the patient is known to have full blown AIDS,” Dr. Hettiarachchi stated. Dr. Hettiarachchi treats his patients from his home at  Suwa Asapuwa, 98/7, Sisira Mawatha, Kanda Liyaddapaluwa, Ganemulla. The doctor administers a two year course that includes kasaya, guli and karka among others to his patients. Dr. Hettiarachchi has a file of confidential documents of all his patients which he showed to The Sunday Leader where HIV positive patients whose blood count was positive, after his treatment showed a negative report. Website More information on this deadly disease can be obtained from Dr. Hettiarachchi’s website, Dr. Hettiarachchi’s sons, Pradeep Abeywardene Hettiarachchi and Prageeth Abeywardene Hettiarachchi help him to treat his patients. Pradeep is now learning the ancient art of ayurvedic treatment for snake bites from his father. Due to his amazing cures for HIV positive patients Dr. Hettiarachchi has been offered the opportunity of practicing his medical cures in Western countries. “I have turned down these requests because I feel that I have to first cure my people before I cure others,” Dr. Hettiarachchi said. But due to a lack of funds Dr. Hettiarachchi’s patients are likely to suffer a great loss and even pay with their lives. “I have treated all these HIV positive patients with my own money. Some patients can afford to pay me for their treatment. I use these patients’ money to treat the ones who can’t afford to pay. When I requested for financial assistance from the government President Mahinda Rajapakse instructed Minister Tissa Karaliyadde to look into the matter. The Ayurveda Commissioner and Minister Karaliyadde’s secretary have given us support and assistance, and instructed the relevant authorities to release the money. However apart from some financial assistance given to us a few years back we have not received any funds to continue with our cure. The Ayurveda Research Centre in Nawinna has agreed to release the money if we are wiling to give them information on how the solution is made. How can we reveal this kind of information to them,” Dr. Hettiarachchi said.

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