Aero Shake function in Windows 7

Blogs and sites are full of posts , about windows 7 features. Micro Soft offering free beta version download via it’s download pages. This download is limited by time . Offer ends by February 25 2009 .

As the testing all ready started ,now we are exploring more new features from windows 7.

The interesting   feature  I like to inform you  is Aero Shake

When there are few windows open in your desk top ,and you want to work with only one program wind and like to minimize others ,just shake the windows title bar that you want to use now (move the mouse there and press left button and shake the Mose )then other windows immediately dis appear.

But those are not closed minized to system,when you want to see them shake the current porgroma window again ,there now, you got it all back.

is it nor interesting .. Just visit you tube to see the feature in action follow this link : (Aero shake video)

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