A Calm Sleep : Healthy Life :Thanks Sound Machine "Ecotones"


During the tense of the modern life style ,more and more people becoming sleepless.For a healthy life we need  Minimum 6 hours of sleep.

A company called Adaptive Sound Technologies introduces a new device for modern days need . This hi-Tech music machine has a plenty of functions to boost good deep sleep and track the sleeping habits of the person who owns it.

for example when the soundtrack is running and it senses a disruption to bedroom quiet, it responds immediately with additional cloaking sounds.

If a vehicle passes by your house make  noise, immediately   the device produces a nice sound mask and helps your sleep go on and makes your ears feel better.

Ecotones has a library of sounds with which to do its spontaneous camouflaging, from babbling brooks to cricket chirps to fireside crackling, said Sam Nicolino Jr., chief executive of the company, based in Campbell, Calif. The mike built into the unit detects ambient sound in the room; within a tenth of a second the software has selected an appropriate masking noise, and possibly raised the soundtrack, to attenuate the effects of disrupting sounds.

“We trick the ear into thinking it is listening to something pleasant,” said Mr. Nicolino, an electrical engineer, amateur musician and audio bug, who created the device when a freeway was built near his home and he realized that he could mask its roar with the sounds of ocean waves.

In brief : This is a music player ,but it can sense your environment sounds and create masking sounds to bring cool climate. It has a big sound libraries of natural sounds you can choose  a sound to play while you sleep. This device costs you $299 only.

Available in USA now !.

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