24 percent of tweets posted by bots not by human being: A study reveals !

A couple of months ago, social media analytics firm Sysomos closely analyzed the people on Twitter and how the service was being used. What it found, among other things, was that five percent of Twitter’s 11.5 million accounts post about 75% of all the tweets. That led the firm to dig in deeper on that […]

17 years girl dead while using twitter at bath tub

” Too much of anything good for nothing ” . A teenage girl was electrocuted after dropping her laptop into the bath as she twittered in the tub.

Twitter Co-Founder: “We’re Not For Sale”

May 6th, 2009 | by Adam Ostrow Yesterday, we saw a spate of rumors about Twitter being acquired following a report from Gawker that said Apple and Twitter were in “serious negotiations” about a deal in the $700 million range. Today, making an appearance on The View, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone told Barbara Walters flat […]

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