Thinner Apple Mac Laptop Inspired by Iphone and Ipad

Apple is releasing it’s most thinner Macintosh Laptop “MacBook Air ” this season. Apple says that they have intergrated lot of serivces availalbe for Iphone and I pad with this MackBook Laptop.

The MacBook Air is 0.11 inches thick at its thinnest point and availalbe in two variants. The MackBook doesn’ have a hard drive as it works on Flash Memory. You can surf the net for 7 hours without a recharging and on standby you can keep it for 30 days.Mostly close to a smart phone system ,and better. Apple wants to be strong  in the computer sales industry too.

“It’s like nothing we’ve ever created before ! We see these as the next generation of MacBooks. We think all notebooks are going to be like this one day. We’ve been inspired by some of the work we have done on iOS and want to bring them back to the Mac,” said Mr Jobs

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Get few free licenses of Nunlock latest version 5.2 for your Mobile

Nunlock is a small and handy software ,most of you would have known about it already . Just go to see a detailed review of the latest release of Nunlock  and claim you free license (give away from Click here to visit there Dont miss !

Nokia N8 Camera School – Video Tip1

Nokia offers some video tips of taking nice professional photos using the New Nokia N8. Watch it and rate it !

Nokia UK TV Ads -Nokia N8 in action

Watch this cool Nokia N8 TV ads and chip a cup of tea !

London’s No 1  Paparazi Uses N8 : Another Video AD for Nokia N8.

OVI Files is discontinued have you got the mail ?

Nokia discontinues OVI Files from 15th of  October 2010 ,it was one of the free services  from Nokia . I also used this service for some time so  that ,I am sure ,Nokia took a good decision  . Nokia officially announced this few months back in order to alert the customers for their backups . Today they have sent the final Email regarding the service discontinuation .

“Dear Ovi Files customer,

This is a reminder that the Ovi Files service will be discontinued on October 15, 2010. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

This will require a small action from you. Please uninstall the Ovi Files Connector program installed on your personal computer. To do this, execute the standard uninstall procedure on your computer. You will not lose any of your saved files as a result of this action and will find all the files previously stored in Ovi Files on your PC.” Nokia

I just discontinued this  service from Nokia already and don’t bother  about this mail at all ,If you have tried this before check your mail box  too.

Knight Rider is back -but it’s real this time !


I am not joking ,just talking about the Google’s self drive car. Google is testing it’s own invention now in the streets of America ,the self drive car. What we have seen in the famous film Knight Rider is real now.

Techcrunch Mag is covering this story for some time and giving prominent place these days.

Google is the giant  of search engine and text ads business today.They have lot of new opening ,Anroid is one of their next leap.But they are not limited to the computer related stuff as they declare that they are the technology company ,and their duty is bringing new technology to improve the life standards of human.

Here you can see a video of the Google’s self drive/Computer drive car spotted one year back .


Google Computer-Driven Prius from Ben Tseitlin on Vimeo.

The self drive car from Google is expected to be released to public within next 8 years time (may be less). The world(particularly myself ) is expecting lot of new technologies and hyper cities with Alien types of vehicles in the near future as it is mostly discussed in tech magazines and science Tv channels like Discovery frequently this days.

Hostmonster hosting is expensive when you renew ! Some warnings and tips is one of the well known web hosting company today. People would love to join Hostmonster simply as  they see the start up cost  as low as  5.95 per month with unlimited services. Happy ,but when you try to renew the package you will be surprised like myself today ! 

The offer price is valid only for new customers. If you would have booked  for 3 years at the beginning,then you get 5.95  per month rate. But if you booked for a year and then try to renew you will get the minimum rate 8.95 per month.

The lesson I learned from them is ,we should study the offers very carefully always.

Some tips for co webmasters:

Before go for a hosting package we should get minimum 20-30 different opinions about the hosting company from the people.

One more  important thing you have to keep in mind ,that don’t register your domain name with the hosting company ,keep your domain names registered with some other registrars like and host somewhere else,so that you have the freedom to move from the hosting at anytime.

Convert your documents into PDF using Ms Office 2007

office 2010 pdf creator

May be you already know this ,but I am surprised to see this feature recently on Office 2007 . I was using some third party converters to create pdf documents but they put their name in the bottom of the document as the signature.

If you have the same problem and want to create pdf docs simply for free (if you have office 2007/2010) just click “Office button/file menu” and then “save as” under the save as type box choose *.pdf ,now you have done.

Alternatively simply you can follow the steps shown on the image above.

Cordless Charger from Energizer.

Cordless charger  concept exists for a long and there are several chargers available in the market also. But the Cordless Charger with Qi technology is now ready from the market leader, Energizer. The image shown here simply explains you ,how the charger works. hopefully ,in the near future all the mobile phones will come with” cordless charge ready” technology. At the moment you may have to add one more gadget with your Iphone or Blackberry to get charged via this charger from Energizer. You can get the full details about the product at site is down for some time

We have experiencing down time with our web sites and forums. Please be patient. We hope to resolve this issue within next 48 hours.Please visit for hot mobile stuff updates.

A Letter to Nokia N97 Team by

Dear Nokia N97 Team,

Re: The low quality   N97’s lens protector that damages the lens.

I  thought to write this letter on behalf of millions of Nokia fan all around the world.


I started to use Nokia Mobiles from Nokia 3210 and bought every key models like Nokia 7610 , Nokia N80, N95 8GB , Xpress Music 5800 and now Nokia N97.

Within 3 weeks of use and after taking about 15 photos my Nokia N97 camera got scratched !. Almost my heart broken to see this.Nokia’s mistake in the creation of n97 ,that causes camera protector to damage the lens to ,cannot be taken lightly.

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New at Twitter : "Lists" beta released today !


Twitter introduced a new feature called “Lists” today and giving access for this beta feature for few accounts only. All users will get this feature after beta testing.

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Windows XP installed Mobile Phone,Reincarnation for XP


Windows 7 is reaching every corner of the world faster and people are forced to forget Windows XP . This time a China mobile manufacturer releasing a full featured Windows XP installed mobile phone . The phone is simply named as XP Phone. Xp phone will run on AMD mobile processor and will have all the feature of a PC running windows XP ,interestingly it has a 4.8″ huge screen.

It has more smarter features like GPS,VGA out put ,external device support like PCs.

Click here to read more with full specs at our mobile blog

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