Youtube Mobile – How to Upload Video Clips from Your Phone

There is an easy way to upload your mobile videos directly form your mobile device to youtube.I  tried Youtube in my Mobile and the video uploaded in a few minutes!

Please Note ,that don’t go to youtube’s mobile site,that will end up with sending your video through email to youtube . By default you will get the youtube’s mobile version in your phone,click the “full version” and go to the full version.

I highly recommend you to use  a WI-FI connection, as you know  Mobile Internet connections are very slow!.

(I tested wiht Nokia N95 8 GB and it’s inbuilt Safari browser) Follw this steps:

1) Open Your Web Browser and Go To

2)Go to Login page, enter your Password and Username and click “Upload Videos” (if you dont have an account please get one ,it is free)

3) Enter your Video’s Title, Descriptions and Tags;

4)Browse Your Video File and Press Upload Button.. That’s all your video is uploading to Youtube

Now Your video has uploaded to Youtube, You can Open it in  your PC and watch your Video Clip.

Please note here I am not using site ,I am using the ,if you have any questions you may share with me.

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