World's Most Secure and True Voice Recognition Phone Ready !

What is next ? A common question among the mobile technology freaks always !.

An UK located new mobile phone venture “ZumbaLumba ” announced a very Secured and light weight mobile phone. This company already exists for years and producing technology for military matters. Cute looking and fast in performing . a simple gadget but powerful in action.

This phone will function purely via voice recognition , calling ,sending sms all are controlled by the voice functions. As we are already aware about the voice recognition systems in desktop environment and Mobile phones ,the question may arise what is new in this.

The answer from the company invented this mobile phone is this is doing true voice recognition and it will work 100% without errors. It identify the owner and work for it’s master. If you lost this mobile ,it is useless to anyone else other than the owner. Your contact details are not going to be saved in the mobile ,it will be saved directly in the Internet servers .

This mobile have two pieces attached together seamlessly ,the hand set and the wireless headset . wireless headset will fit in your ears nicely and you are able to control the phone with voice commands. They call it as ” world’s true hands free phone ”

It understand the natural language with owners slang .

The phone is small in size ,less in weight , will be released soon before this year Christmas .

Secured Mobile
[ in Video News]

As most of us always expecting something new from other mobile giants like Nokia or Samsung ,This announcement is very exciting ..What do you say ?

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