Windows 7 Phone is available now


HTC Mozart and Samsung Omnia 7 with Windows 7 operating system are available from yesterday for the world.

“Stores are starting sales of Windows Phone 7 mobiles as soon as the Sun rises over the horizon – New Zealand already marked the first sale of an HTC 7 Trophy, Telstra in Australia and Orange in the UK have the HTC 7 Mozart on sale as of this morning too.

One lucky New Zealander was the first person in the world to by a Windows Phone 7 device – an HTC 7 Trophy from Vodafone NZ, which go for 799 NZD (430 euro or 600 US dollars) on a contract or 899 NZD (480 euro or 670 USD) on Pay as you go.

The Orange UK Oxford Street shop opened its doors in 7am this morning to start selling the HTC 7 Mozart – an Orange exclusive for the UK. The Samsung Omnia 7 is on sale from Orange and they are throwing in a free Bluetooth headset (while the stock lasts) for anyone who buys a WP7 phone.” reports.

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