Windows 7 on the Way .

Windows 7, the next operating system as announced by the Microsoft will be brought to public view at CES to be held next month.
The Windows 7 is the next version of client’s operating system after Windows Vista.

No concrete base is there to ground such speculations but, in October, Microsoft promised to bring beta version by early 2009. With no confirmations, market watchers are speculating that Microsoft can bring beta version sometime in January and possibly the CES show in Las Vegas as a likely release date. CES is scheduled for Jan. 8-11.

The insiders report that significant announcements are coming from the beta testers indicating that Windows 7 beta can be expected any day.

The attendees will receive a Windows 7 beta DVD.

Microsoft expects to release Windows 7 in early 2010. But observers have the feel that it will be released earlier than the announced date as many business customers have skipped Vista and run XP until Windows 7 is available.

Renu Singh/ITVoir Network

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