Talking Clock and Time Machine :2 Free applications for your S60 phones including XPM 5800 and N97

Houwer Power S60 V5

Two free  Applications for your S60 V3&V5 phones, I would like to share with you today.Find the download links at the end of this post

1)Hour Power

Hour power is one of my favorite applications in S60 V3 phones. It displays time on all screens and reads it loud. Now the version is upgraded to work with Xpress Music 5800,N97 and all S60 phones. This version  of hour power is not much functional as old versions but will read the time loud when you touch the application.

2)Time Machine for Xpress Music 5800 and N97

Time Machine is another free application for your Ver 5 phones. It is a countdown watch  with great display .It will do count down and count up both. I love the classical display fo the program.

Time Machine

Time Machine

Note: you can find the Hour Power Application for your Nokia S60 V3 phones (N95,N82 etcc) in our forum.

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