Talk to Strangers : A new Chat Web site for you

There is a very new arrival , ,in the area of social networking.


When we use the social web sites like friendster ,netlog,myspace we used to chat with mostly known people , but every trade or industry needs a change after certain time .

This web chat is created by a 18 years old student.

‘The site, which started last month, was developed by Leif K-Brooks, an 18-year-old amateur Web programmer and high school student in Vermont who was worried that people’s Web interactions had “become stagnant.”  ‘New York times reports.

I have tried the site for 3 times ,first time I just start the chat the strangers first question is “Are u a gay ” ,I said ” no” then connection disconnected by that party. second attempt I had few lines of chat with a person who claims he is 14 yrs old boy from Sweden and his interests are girls,computer games and outing. when I say, I am an uncle of the middle age group ,he said bye to me.

Third attempt is today just few hours before this news item ,I met an Computer System Engineer from France,we had a long chat about the technical  issues and the field as we both interested in it.

Within the first month of launch ,now site has 150,000 page loads every day.

When I was online there are 1900 people online same time as per the counter on the site.

Good luck Mr.K.Brook !

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