Symbian Pc ?: It runs on Atom Based Mother Board.


A Symbian Foundation team has ported the Symbian operating system, used in mobile phones, onto an Atom-based motherboard, which is used mainly in netbooks. -Zdnet UK

Lee Williams, the executive director of the Symbian Foundation, wrote in a blog on Thursday that the ‘S60 on Symbian Customer Operations’ (Sosco) team had Symbian compiling and running on “an off-the-shelf Atom-based motherboard from Intel”.

“It would be most interesting to see what level of interest we can generate in this port, especially if that includes some major business partners willing to come in and invest in the development of a product solution, and one that enables some differentiators to come to market for consumers,” Williams wrote.

“I was most impressed with the responsiveness of the UI and upper application layers, and could only smile when we were able to quickly use a baseband modem port to make a call.” News Source :

Dear my readers,

Above news Item taken from our friendly technology web

As I said already in few of my articles ,the steps has been taken and now proved . Yes sooner you can expect a Symbian Based  PC almost from Nokia .

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