Surveys Say "Mobile Users don't like heavy features" Sales figures says"Features are matters"

Confused-the-thinkerThe recent survey conducted in UK reveals that 60% of the users don’t like a lot of extra features like Email,Internet Browsing and Camera in Mobile phones. The want only the basic calling functions. The survey has been conducted by Fonebank (An UK Web company)

The survey comes at a time when new smartphone releases are dominating the headlines such as the N97 and iPhone 3G S.

Last year also a survey revealed the same result in UK (Please see the article here )

But Nokia Managed to sell  one million Nokia Xpress Music 5800 handsets in UK in the first quater of 2009. Apple now came out with Apple Iphone 3 G S ,with some extra features after the massive success of it’s iphone  .

Today in Malaysia within 3 days of UK and USA release ,I am able to see Nokia N97 in the shops and it is available for Malaysian Ringgit 2,400 now.The sales of Nokia Xpress Music 5800 is booming in Malaysian market  now(Priced MYR 1300).

Last week I observed all Singaporeans ,I met in the public transports and the road 95% of them are mobile addicts and using lot of touch devices . Specially Samsung and LG are dominating there.

Apart from the openion of the people the sales are going fine . The reasons could be:

1) Just buying the latest phones despite of the functionality via Plans available form the service providers

2)Buying capacity & Image: Just to keep a latest gadget even though cannot operate properly

do you  know any more reasons for it ? Please post your comments !

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