Skyfire : The Mobile Phone Web Browser : my mini review


There was a big expectation ,when the skyfire mobile browser introduced last year later part. They kept the users thrilled by offering their initial beta version only for USA market. Later they opened it to all like you and me.

As I have the passion of using mobile for huge internet usage ,I always prefer to check out new mobile phone web browsers.

I worked with skyfire for one  long day.

The strength of skyfire is only the good layout.It has the feature  to configure and use  twitter,facebook  etc.. in the home page. this facilities being updated via skyfire’s server.

in terms of speed it is not competent to opera mini.
The page rendering technology is obviously weak ,pages are not clear on the time of loading and it takes few seconds to become visible. The whole web pages seems like a gif or jpeg image file in the browser.

You cannot start skyfire without an internet connection ,as it solely depends on it’s own server to run smoothly in your phone.

conclusion : Those who dont have skyfire , dont worry you did not lost anything big. (I am testing this from Malaysia ,may be in USA the performance may different,if anyone have any comments please post here.)

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