Free Security Alarm for your Nokia Xpress Music 5800 and N97

Demo Video of Xpress 5800 Alarm

XpressAlarm is a freeware application that   runs  in your Symbian S60 Version 5 Mobiles and alarms when any one steal your mobile.

Really ,this program uses the proximity sensor of your device ,to see the movement of the device from your pocket .

Please visit our forum to read the full installation guide and download the software for free. The features of Xpress Alarm are  like regular car security alarm system. The tones also similar. It is from a Russian developer . Visit XpressAlarm Download Page to read and download now *(Please note that ,you should have latest version of Python Software installed in the same memory location to run this program,if you dont have python,just search and download from our forums)Relavent Posts :

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