Protect yourself from increased computer attacks.

Computer Attack

Computer Attack

We are almost spending more than half a day with computers,(In my case almost14-16 Hours). As the computer usage increased ,the illness caused by computer usage and accidents happen with computers also increased  sourced from the data available in United States.

Normally Back Pain comes to majority people due to the sitting pattern while using computers . And newly there is a threat called carpal tunnel syndrome . This is the disease comes in your wrist nerve and effects the efficiency of the fingers and palm area. It caused by the pressure we put on the nerve for long time such as long time key board and mouse usage ,where we rest the wrist on hard surfaces .

From the data collected from January 1, 1994, through December 31, 2006 by The National Electronic Injury Surveillance System US we can see the increased rate of injuries caused by computers.

During the study period, an estimated 78,703 (95% CI=61,394–96,011) individuals, aged 1 month–89 years, were treated in U.S. emergency departments for acute computer-related injuries. Children aged <5 years had the highest injury rate of all age groups. The most common cause of injury was tripping or falling by patients aged <5 years (43.4%) and ≥60 years (37.7%) and hitting or getting caught on computer equipment for individuals of all other ages (36.9% of all cases). While injuries to the extremities were most common (57.4%), children aged <10 years most often had injuries to the head (75.8% for those aged <5 years and 61.8% for those aged 5–9 years). When the locale of injury was recorded, 93.2% of injuries occurred at home. The number of acute computer-related injuries increased by 732% over the 13-year study period, which is more than double the increase in household computer ownership (309%).

Report Source

Reduce the hours you spend with computers by giving breaks ,resting your eyes at the natural scenes(not on the computer wallpapers please !)walking to the near coffee shop.Doing small exercises at work place.

All this will help you to protect from side effects of computing. But be aware always when you deal with hardware and electric sources to protect the accidents.

Be healthy !

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