Nokia's First PC ? Prediction comes True

As Nokia was growing faster ,and in a more innovative way with lot of powerful phone models,I have predicted their next move as the computer ManufacturerĀ  in my another blog in October 2008. (Click here for my article )

Today I have read the article about it in PC Magazine from the senior technical wirter . He says the same story . I am prettymuch happy about my understanding with Nokia.

I strongly beleive nokia will bring it’s PC or Net Book with Symibian OS .The mobiles with the Symbian have all the functionality for a PC the lacking part is Screen Size.

It is easy to Nokia to Bring the new PC technology with Symbian Operating System. The first Net Book from Nokia will come within next 6 months hopefully.

Read the article at :,2817,2344142,00.asp

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