Nokia PC Suite 7.1 and Released (25th Spetember 2008 Release)

Nokia PC Suite 7.1 and Released (25th Spetember 2008 Release)

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October 17, 2008

New Features on Nokia PC Suite 7.1 (17th Spetember 2008 Release)

A update version with few bugs fixed released 25ht of October 08 ,Version number is,The mentioned functions with improved actions. Still under beta testing.

Hi Nokia Fans, The beta of PC Suit 7.1 is released today .it is very hot. await for the application for public use soon.

With Nokia PC Suite 7.1, you can:
– Manage your device calendar in the Calendar view of Nokia Communication Center
– Create and delete contact groups on your device, and add and remove group members
– Get a notification on your PC about a low device battery level
– Start calls and pick up incoming calls with Nokia Communication Centre
– Save device battery by setting off call, SMS and battery level notifications”(works with S60 FP2 Eg N79)

Most of this are the features of inbuilt Nokia Communication centre, just go through my article

Nokia Comunication Centre Beta Release” here and find the same in the Nokia 7.1 ,it is mostly a combination of Nokia Pc Suite 7.0 (little changes) and Communication centre 2.0 (the splash screen says 1.0 dont worry find from the “about” are of help menu,it says version 2.0 )you can download it for free at beta labs.

Await more screen short to come

any questions please ask about this at (symbian discussion area )

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