Nokia N97 or Xpress Music 5800 ? Which is better for you ?

When ever a new phone give entry to the market the Technology Freaks like me follow the reviews and photos. Always thinking about it to buy next. Recently some big changes can be observed from Nokia’s mobiles. They started to produce touch enabled devices due to market demand. The first arrival is nokia Xpress Music 5800 with  all in all functions.

As a power user I don’t see much differences Between   N95 8GB and this xpress music in functions apart from the major touch screen implementation .Here I use N958GB as the measurement tool as it has all the features in previous Nokia line . N96 has some critics so i don’t take it now.

New Features In Xpress Music: Xpress Music is touch interface Screen is bigger than N95 8GB by width 3.2″ when N958Gb is 2.8 and N95 is 2.6,XPM 5800 has Proximity Sensor to switch off light on talking time.

Reduced features thanN95s: Xpress Music has a 3.2 Mp camera when N95s Have 5 MP Cameras. Price wise it is much affordable. When N95 *GB sells in Malaysia for Malaysian Ringgit 2450 ,Xpress Music 5800 sells for RM 1400 only.(for specs and reviews ) .

When you look at N97 , N97 and Xpress Music both are using the same Symbian series 3 version 5 operating system

Now my questions are

1)Why an user should go for N96 or N958GB for higher price when a new device with touch interface available for lower price ?(yes if you want a perfect imaging device you have to go for N95s/N96)

2)Why do you need to go for Nokia N97 as it has only fewer differences from Xpress Music 5800 those are 5 MP Camera ,QWERTY key board , 3.5″ screen (“2 Diff)and a massive,huge difference in price  ?

Conclusion : If you like to use a new innovative device for better budget, from Nokia ,in the middle of Nokia N96 and N97 time you should go for Nokia Xpress Music 5800. No point in waiting for N97 ,if you really feel that tiny key board will bring you much difference wait for it ,if you hate touch interface go for N95 8GB as N96 most of the time sucks from my personal and our blog user’s experiences (Read it and see the poll: ).

N97 will be the expensive device in all the Nseries history , and Still we have seen the proto type of it,may be some newer functions and features added in the release time.(

If you just want to play with the latest gadget every time without a barrier for the budget ,you can proceed for anything sir/madam!

You can view our Nokia XPM 5800 forum to complete reviews and free software downloads

By S.Manimaraa

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