Nokia N97 Available in Singapore via plans ,Starts from SGD 88 a month


I have seen Nokia N97 on the hand of a Singaporean today ,while I go for the Asia Communication Expo held in Singapore. I had a mini interview with the user ,who is an nice  gentlemen . He told that , he is happy with all aspect of the N97 and specially the physical key board which made easy to write sms. He  is a standard user . He found the camera of N97 to his satisfactory level. He is about 50 years and enjoying the connectivity of Nokia N97.

He suggests to keep the D pad(mouse ) of th eN97 to the right as he face little uncomfortable with it . He says  if the touch pad is on the right,it is easy as most of the people are using right hands for such activity .

I shot a tiny video of N97 in my hands from my Nokia Xpress Music 5800 ,I will post it shortly.

Nokia N97 is available Via Singtel(one of the Singapore’s service providers) ,as a Plan. It is available for outright purchase for 1200 Singapore Dollars. If you go for a plan the initial payment will be from 500 Singapore Dollars. You can grab one for monthly payment of SGD 88 also(from M1).

Oh Folks  in Singapore ! ,you are lucky enough to grab the device this  soon.

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