"Nokia N79 Active" comes with heart beat monitor

Nokia N79 now comes with some new flavors . “Nokia N79 Active ” is the model name ,this is exactly the famous Nokia N79 ,but coming in a different package with some extra gadgets. I am impressed about this device for the ability to monitor your health ,specially heart. It comes with the following special items:

  1. The Polar Bluetooth heart rate monitor with belt
  2. High Quality Headphones
  3. 2 sets of extra casings
  4. Improved Nokia’s Sports tracker application (Ver2.0)

Nokia health The Polar Bluetooth heart rate monitor belt that comes with the N79 Active is quite peculiar. It connects to the belt via metal snaps, which obviously also serve as conduits to the chest sensors.

The belt is adjustable, comfortable “to wear. The Bluetooth module is small, as well, so you could wear it under your shirt without having a big awkward bump on your chest. This heart beat monitor should be paired and connected with the phone for the first time . There is a easy wizard in the phone that help your to connect it.
nokia_n79_activethis monitor  that you should wear in your chest dos not has any switches to switch on and off, it automatically switch on and off.  When you wear it ,it understands and gets ready for action. So this heart beat monitor gets integrated with the nokia sports tracker software . Now it is easy to monitor your heart beat also with the distances you walk ,the calories you burnt during your exercises. handson_with_active_workout

Just arrived to American users ,yet not shipped to other places.Wait for it.! See this awesome Nokia N79 promotional video now.

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2 comments to "Nokia N79 Active" comes with heart beat monitor

  • Kniginya

    спасибо за ваши посты, поднимают настроение(Thanks for your posts, raise spirits)


  • That is pretty awesome! I have never heard of this phone before, but what a great feature it has. No more checking your heart rate on your own and having to calculate in your head what it is, your phone does it for you.


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