Nokia Audio Smileys : A New fun from your mobile

Nokia Beta Labs released another free application for the Nokia devices.

Nokia Audio Smileys ! .It is a very basic and small application designed in Java ,once you installed it ,you will be able to get funny smiley voices by pressing each keys (number)in your mobile. That’s all.

Nokia Beta labs it self says that this program designed for youngsters not every one. 9 FUNNY SOUNDS you can get by pressing this keys and use # key to increase the sound of smiley and * key to reduce the sound. as it has few versions of software you may confused to find the suitable one ,please see the guide in the comment are bellow. Shortly the software will be posted in our forum under suitable category ,so our users can download easily.

I have tested it today, and found really better for fun for youngsters, (So for me ok) Go and download from the download page in the forum

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