New Ozone Mobile Web Browser for your Symbian S60 Phones


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bringing Web 2.0 to your phone but not fully ready yet .

Ozone is a new name for the world of Symbina S60 Os ,but already running in UIQ devices.

Developers claims that Ozone’s features make it one of the best in its class. From the open-source WebKit engine, Ozone not only delivers advanced features such as client-side database support, application cache, zooming and multiple windows, but also provides the best web-standards compliant experience that’s available.


  • Intuitive UI and page navigation
  • Multiple windows
  • Zooming and panning
  • Pop-up blocking
  • Auto-complete URL editing
  • Desktop/mobile mode switch
  • Netscape scriptable plugin
  • Low memory footprint, works in devices with only 64MB RAM
  • Offline Web Applications support including the latest mobile Gmail for iPhone and Android

And more: high performance disk caching, fast image decoding, favorite icons, bookmark management and advanced HTML, CSS and JavaScript (SquirrelFish) support.


I have tested with my Nokia N95 8Gb which is running S60 V3.1(FP1)The result is very poor. Lot of  font types are not supporting when you view any web sites 90% of the text you will see like small boxes. If any one tested with other mobile phones please write your  comments here so that we will know how is the performance in other platforms and phones .

The tests and results  given bellow  are being claimed by the developrs initself :

  • Acid3 test: 94/100
  • jQuery test: 99.8% pass rate (2 tests of 1271 failed)
  • 3x faster., Ozone: 40 seconds, @Web: 117 seconds, Opera Mobile: 123 seconds

Tested with Sony Ericsson G900

I have modified this article after the test run in my mobile on 11/05/2009. Ozone has a long way to go to adpts the Symbina S60 devices any how you can download and test wiht your devices. Pelase see bellow the links .


Alpha release for S60 devices

Ozone 0.9 – for S60 3rd Edition Feature pack 1 and 2 devices (e.g., Nokia N95, E71)

Ozone 0.9 – for S60 3rd Edition (initial release) devices (e.g. Nokia N73, N80)

Find your phone here.

Alpha release for UIQ devices:

Ozone 0.9

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