Questionable First Impressions about N97 Video Quality : See this videos

N97 the mobile computer is going through the reviews and quality checks by the

N97 Video Test

N97 Video Test

techies  .  N97 has some unique features like 3.5″ inches screen ,new widgets ,QWERTY Physical key board and more. But still the camera is  unchanged from the time of N95. I mean the mega pixels ,both are 5 MPX cameras.

The recent test done in N97 for reviews by bloggers, shows the poor quality of the video  .N97’s focusing range seems infinity ,so that the objects cannot focused well ,the result is poor . but when you see the video technology used in N95s ,it is focusing on the object properly. Here you can see the both videos taken by N97 and N95 8Gb .Compare and  Find out by yourself which is better ?

This video taken Using N97 by Steve Litchfield(thanks Steve)

This video taken in N958Gb by me.

What is your opinion ?


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