Nokia Photo Browser :Review by S.Manimaraa

Nokia beta labs released Nokia Photo  browser for S 60 V3s(FP1,FP2 N95,N96 etc)  and V5s (Nokia Xpress Music 5800,N97) on 31 Mar 2009. They have primarily released for Xpress Music 5800 then they released for all version in 14th  April 2009.I have tested Nokia Photo Browser with my Nokia N95 8Gb.


After the installation when  you start the application for the first time  It takes few minutes to create  all the thumbnails from the existing images  to  the photo browser application.Timing depends on the number of  images you have in the phone.. Every time you take a picture now the images are added to the photo browser. It uses your phone’s accelerometer(if available) to turn the images automatically ,in both thumbnails view or image view.

It has a special feature called face detection . If your photo have clear view of few faces (Say group photos for few)in S60 V3 devices use the menu and select face detection ,now when you press the navigation key ,photo moves in the screen face by face. But it is not happening to each and every photo . If the photo contains very clear little closeup images only the software can understand the faces. In my case it faisl to identify some faces ,it bypass it. Same face detection works fine with Nokia Xpress Music 5800 . Where you double touch in a face ,the just drag teh screen ,now you will have face by face browsing. Zooming is smooth in this application .  In S60 devices  Just use * key to Zoom in and # key to Zoom out.Nokia  Xpress Music 5800 have touch zooming . You just touch and keep the finger a while then that area will become big.


Nokia Photo Browser Thumbnails

Nokia Photo Browser Face Detection

Nokia Photo Browser Face Browsing Mnu


Nokia Photo Browser : Face being detected


Face by Face Browsing Now

The part I like in this software :

  • You can see more photos in the screen ,so that browsing becomes easy.
  • Magnifying option is cool as you can use short cut keys. To zoom in press * and Zoom out press # keys.
  • The way it moves in the screen is soft ,gives a feel of Iphone applications .
  • In Nokia Zpress Music just move ,and magnify the images just using your finger touch on the images as demonstrated in above video.

The part I dislike

  • Takes time to add newly taken images to the browser gallery.
  • Face detection must be improved.

Latest Updates(15/June/2009) : Nokia Image Browser for Xpress Music 5800(Touch UI,Symbian Series 60 V5) has been updated . Now you get menus for rotate images ,delete images.Speed of thumbnails creation and previews improved. Magnifier gives better quality.
By S.Manimaraa

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