Nokia N97 Few Questions and Answers (hot)

The hottest mobile computer Nokia N97 started to fall on the hands of the Fans. There is a questions and answers section published  by Steve Litchfield and Rafe Blandford at All About Symbian today. It has very important questions that will help for the people to understand before buy.

Nokia N97
Nokia N97

Does a 32GB Micro SD Memory Card work on this device?

Rafe says: Yes they should, theoretically work, but without doing actual testing its not possible to confirm this 100%. Nokia typically quote a maximum supported microSD card capacity, but experience suggest any card size within that category will work (i.e. SD up to 4GB, SDHC up to 32GB).

I read that the ribbon is exposed and likely to become a problem for some users. Kindly expand on your thoughts regarding amount of exposure and likliehood of running into problems

Not sure where you read that – providing the phone is looked after then it shouldn’t be a problem. This isn’t a builder’s yard phone, this is an executive tool, to be cased and pocketed cleanly etc.

Would you comment more on the sliding cover for the camera – is it solid (movement and build) and does it clip in to place or is it likely to move about in a pocket?

It’s spring loaded and I think it unlikely to become activated in a pocket.

Does hitting the “end” key exit the application or just put it to the background?

Usually exits.

How transparent are the home screen widgets? If you put a personal picture as the wallpaper does it hinder the readability of the widgets like the 5800 home screen?

No, the effect is quite subtle and everything stays readable. Also, did you know that a side swipe on the home screen clears the widgets away, revealing the wallpaper? 😎

Press here Visit to the Q&A Page at Allabout for more Q&A s

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