Differences between Apple iphone 3G and Nokia N97

Nokia announced that N97 will be the rival of Apple Iphone ,two months back. Since N97 started to enter the market , Specifications and technologies are revealed clearly. Now the time to compare the device with Apple Iphone 3G. When you go through the hardware comparison given bellow simply you will understand that Nokia N97 is far higher than Apple iphone. Simply see the camera ,N97 is 5 Mega Pix but the innovative Iphone has only 2.MP that is not fulfill even the ordinary photography needs.There are few more factors to consider in finding the truth . Here are the details( compared specs ):

Factors in Common

This factors are equal in the both phones .

Screen Sizes :

3.5″ diagonal .


1)Proximity sensor
2)Ambient  light detector


3 G connectivity.
Blue Tooth
Other Cellular network standards like :

UMTS/HSDPA (850, 1900, 2100 MHz)
GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)

Major Differences

Screen Resolutions:

N97 has 640 x 360 pixel resolution While iPhone3G has  320×480 pixels

N97 offers 16:9 Aspect ratio,the same as that of TV,PC Monitors etc but iPhone  3G  has aspect ratio of 3:2

N97 has QWERTY Physical Keyboard with virtual one  ,Apple has  on screen virtual key board only.

N97 has 32GB Onboard memory andexpandable through microSD card upto 48GB as total capacity but Iphone not going beyond 32 GB how ever.

Battery : N97 has 1500 mAh , iPhone runs on 1400 mAh, N97 has more powerful as per specification.

Camera : N97 has 5MP and Apple has 2 MP

Weight : N97 is   150 g ,Apple  iPhone : 133 g

Price : N9 : $550 before network subsidies so expect it to go way cheaper than this and Sold for 452 under introductory offer via online in USA only.

iPhone : $199 min

As I said already ,hardware wise Nokia N97 comes first in the race. But IPhone is strong in applications and OS. More corporate companies now moving to buy Iphone for the employees to run their applications for the working process. Apple Online store is a massive success and the strong backbone for the sales of Iphone. Nokie realized the Apple store’s impact and now started to launch it;s very own OVI application store. Now it is opening developers forums and recently (may09) conducted it’s developers summit to come out with more innovative ideas.

Conclusion :

N97 is better for considering a powerful all in one device ,Apple Iphone is better considering featured application and a good phone.

Why don’t you see and vote our ongoing Poll : Will Nokia N97 overtake Apple iphone ?

By S.Manimaraa

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