Microsoft Office 2010 Features part 2

Microsoft office 2010’s  few more new features ,we came to know  are  listed here in addition to our previous article  Microsoft Office 2010 Features and Screen Shots

Paste Preview : this feature lets you easily switch between paste options so you know your work will be formatted correctly in your document before you commit.

Paste Preview Word 2010

Paste Preview Word 2010

E-mails  organized as conversations : In outlook 2010 Emails are organized in a easy to go through conversation format, so you can quickly find information from specific participants without having to scroll through long email list.

Word 2010 Edit Image View :Image Credit

Word 2010 Edit Image View :Image Credit

The Ribbon : In Office 2010, you’ll have access to the Ribbon across all of the applications in the suite, with contextual tabs and features to   get the most out  the programs. In Outlook 2010, for example, a Quick Steps section of the Ribbon has options to let you quickly create team meetings, move threads to specific folders, or custom forward messages (with premade subjects) to specific recipients. In Excel, you can flip through the tabs to access formulas, insert diagrams and charts, and quickly import data from connected sources.


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