Mail Merge Is more easy in Word 2007 : a Short Guide


In word processing software,the lovely function, makes a lot of repeated work easy is Mail merge.

If you are working as a clerical officer ,admin assistant ,or marketing executive ,Pr officer ,you may have to send lot of letters to your customers/clients time  to time.

The problem is changing the address ,names, titles only in the same letter .

It is very easy to do in MS Word ,how ever I happened to meet this challenge with word 2007 that is not  familiarized to me .

Today ,My Colleagues asked me to  do a mail merge. Student names and address which is saved in Excel sheet,should merged with the graduation ceremony letter which is typed in Ms word. There was a special request that there should be a reference number that should increase by 1 digit in every letter. Reference number has text,number mixed. SO i had to insert some extra fields in the primary excel sheet where she kept the student name and address. MS word 2007 is new to me.

I managed to do it within seconds after 1 min familiarization with mail merge option tap of MS word 2007

This screen do all the wonder , just click <Select Receptionist > there you will see options then choose use existing list > then choose the excel file with data (Name column with names,address column with address ,etc..)>then>click” insert merge field” ,there you will see the titles of the columns you have in excel sheet

,choose the titles(in my case I choose name,address ref no 1,ref no 2 ,ref3)then in the same bar to the top most right you have the option to print the merged list(shown in the first image). I can prepare a video of it if you guys really want..please let me know by comments then i will do it same day with the first comment request. Hurry.

Tips:1) once you inserted the fields ,click “preview results”button in the tool bar(A magnifier image)

2) Use the move record buttons to see the records as you wish (< ,> ,>|,|<)

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