Is Cloud Computing taking away Bread and Butter from IT Managers ?

google-com Picture2

Above Google’s comparison chart tells you that how much you can save by cutting IT personals in an organization and using Google apps. And also tells maintaining Microsoft Exchange could be how expensive for you.

Cloud and working in the cloud are the over talked subjects on  the Internet for last few months. Even though companies like Amazon, do  the cloud business silently for  years ,the term “cloud computing” comes to the lime light now via Google’s Apps.

Companies started to think about cost cutting due to the economic crisis ,the cloud business got a move up ,using the timing. Google used to offer it’s cloud product Google Apps for free ,and after the success ,now started to offer as a paid product. Google requests IT solution companies to join hands to sell the Google apps for them.

The Cloud model always talking about cost cutting.Cloud works for you with no investment of hardware and without any IT personals to take care. More cloud type of solutions the companies buy, more chances for slashing few more IT Jobs.

Any comparison chart of the effectiveness of the cloud computing model definitely talks about lessor IT personal.

Dell,CISCO,RICOH and most of the world’s leading global companies running their business operations on the cloud for so long. More mid level companies moving to the model very faster.

Whenever technology takes a new move ,some unpredicted losses happen to the workforce. IT Managers,Help desk staff  ,Network Engineers ,nothing to panic learn cloud and learn consulting cloud systems.  IT industry is a long journey of learning .

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