How to use Unlock SIM Card? A Guide.

unlogThe unlock SIM card is the latest in the line of popular phone unlocking solutions. If you are planning to buy one, you should know how to use it. Here is a guide on how to use an unlock SIM card.

An unlock SIM card is like a little SIM card. It has to be placed between the SIM connectors of your phone and your actual SIM card. The unlock SIM card has a microcontroller that does the unlocking job.

Remember, the unlock card has to inserted parallel to the SIM card. To avoid any confusion here are the step by step instructions.

Step 1

First of all you have to find a pair of tweezers and use it to take out your SIM tray. If you are using an iPhone than the SIM tray must be located at the top. You can also use any other sharp object like an eject tool or a clip to take out the tray.

Step 2

Once you have taken out your SIM tray, you have to then place you normal SIM card on it. After that, put the unlocked SIM card in a way that it is placed between the SIM and the connectors. You do not have to cut or trim your SIM card, Simply choose the right placement. After that you have to reinsert the SIM tray and close the cover.

Step 3

Now that you have inserted the SIM and the unlock SIM card, you have to restart the phone. It will take a few moments for the phone to recognize and register your SIM card. It will be a matter of minutes that all features and functions will start to run.

The unlock SIM card is very slim. It is about .10 mm thick, which makes it easy to slip it between the phone’s SIM socket and your SIM card. The unlock SIM card has gold immersions which make a perfect contact with the SIM card.

There is no need to cut the SIM card while using an unlock card. The unlock card is designed in a way so that it can easily handle SIM cards of all sizes.

The best thing about the SIM unlock card is that it has a revolutionary do-it-yourself Plug & Play technology. You do not have to install any additional software. You simply have to insert the unlock SIM card and it will start its magic.

You can easily use the unlock SIM card to unlock any mobile phone of your choice. There is absolutely nor risk of any damage to the phone. Also the warranty will stay intact, it will not be void.

So now that you know how to use the unlock SIM card, start using it.

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