How to customize your N97 Home Screen ? : a video guide


I have got plenty of traffic reaching our blog searching for N97 home screen settings. I found this video guide uploaded by Nokia N97 Fanatics today.I hope this short guide will help all our readers.In this video you will get a very detailed demo on home screen widgets settings for Nokia N97. How to modify the N97 home screen,how to add new content for the Nokia N97 home screen? ,and how to modify ? all questions are being answered .

Ok ,Now you want to customize your  Nokia N97 Home screen. Please follow this  steps.

Step by step guide to customize  Nokia N97 Home Screen

  1. Click options from the home screen > click  edit content
  2. Now the widgets are unlocked from the screen and ready to move.
  3. Drag and move the widgets to your desired location on the screen.
  4. If you want to remove a widget from home screen ,just click on it, you will get two options 1)remove 2) change >>  Select remove .
  5. If you want to change it to another widget ,just click change and browse for the available widgets and select one.
  6. Once you finished your adjustments click “done ”  from the bottom right of the screen. Ok . You have done !

If you want to see it happening ,watch this video from a co blogger.

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1 comment to How to customize your N97 Home Screen ? : a video guide

  • Shyam

    editing the home screen was an easy one.But I want the Time and Profile notification bar to be hidden or atleast displayed the way it happens in N-series mobile like ex:N-72 small on the left hand top corner.Big bar in front on N-97 mini is little irritating for the wall paper look.How do we do that.


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