How to Access and move files from Message Inbox to other locations in Nokia Mobiles: A guide !


How to Move the attachments from your message in box to your phones’ memory card or to any desired place in your mobile ?. (bluetooh messages ,file transfers via Bluetooth )Scr000124

Lot of people have this problem with their Nokia phones . As the messages you received will remain in the message box (normally where your sms’es are stored) so you cannot trace and find the attachment to move from the inbox to your desired place.

As your big files received  via bluetooh, remaining in the phone memory (by default it saved there ) you will get memory full error when you try to get some other files, even you have so many Giga Bytes of memory as the memory card or inbuilt extended memory.


Here is the easy way to do it so.

Install Xplorer 1.31 File Browsing utility in your phone .It is working on Symbian 60 Version 3 devices(N 95,N80,N79 etc) and Version 5 devices like Nokia Xpress Music .It is a powerfull free file browsing utility which have plenty of features to help you . But in this article I cover only one part.

This is free and download available at our forum section ( click here to download )

  1. Install and Run the program
  2. Go to Menu
  3. Click Tools(from menu)
  4. Move rightwards and choose messaging from he sub menu
  5. now you will see the attached files (images,videos, etc) with your recieved messages
  6. choose the one file you want to handle and again click the menu and perform the necessary action (Delete , or Edit menu and copy/ move ..etc..)

from here you can move the file to you desired place,delete the file ,open and view the file etc…

Scr000126 >>>>>>     Scr000128

Scr000129 >>>>>>> Scr000130

Install Xplorer 1.31

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