How is internet on Motorola Xoom–my experience !

Internet experience on Motorola Xoom – Honeycomb Tablet

motorola xoom with nice theme

Do you really need a tablet pc ?

While I search answer for this question, I just thought to share my internet experience with the Honeycomb tablet so far.

I  have a Motorola Xoom 3G/Wi-Fi version .This is my second week with this new tablet pc running Android Honeycomb 3.1

A Tablet – How useful for internet use ?

Mainly Xoom started to replace my laptop in terms of internet usage. I use the tablet for internet browsing around 90 percentage.  The rest is left for my laptop because of the Tamil web pages that I read don’t support  honeycomb as it doesn’t have the Unicode support yet.

What is good /bad /ugly about the honeycomb browser ?

The in built web browser is good in terms of usability, but it crashes every day at least two times. This may be because of the number of tabs I open while I use the net. Anyhow it should not go like this. If we can restore the web sites we visited after a crashed session like many desktop browsers do,then it would be fine. I badly need this functionality with the honeycomb browser.

Entering the web addresses are pretty Easy, just tab the top of the browser and type the address .The onscreen Android key board is very easy to use. I don’t have any issues with the text input in this device. I am typing this post fully from my tablet .

xoom web browser-tab the name of the webweb address bar comes down on xoom with a tab

Flash/Video/Audio in Web Sites ?

Flash based web sites are supported after you’ve installed the adobe flash plugin from the Android market.

Where Honeycomb browser needs improvement ?

Heavy java and flash mixed web pages like Facebook are little bit slow, zooming in and zooming out too little bit hard,as page goes off and come back ,you will have some darker moments on such heavy web sites.

What are the best third party Web Browsers for Honeycomb ?

I have installed Opera Mobile 11, Opera Mini 6 , Skyfire 4.0 web browsers in my Xoom Tablet for testing purposes.

Pinch to zoom, double tab to get back the normal size are the decent functions work perfectly in every browser.

Page load time ,flash support ,desktop like page rendering- in this all aspects the Honeycomb default web browser is leading ,really simple and superb. Opera browsers render the web pages like more mobile friendly .

Skyfire seems to force you to rate it or tweet about it and purchase their video toolbar (some pop up ads in the browser)

But Opera Mobile and Opera Mini just do the job silently.

Watching videos works fine in every browser including the honeycomb’s in built one.

Push to Email in Honeycomb

The inbuilt email application allows you to add any number of email accounts, and you get a combined email box where you get your all of your mails l in one place. You have the option to use the inbuilt Gmail application too. So I use the Gmail app as well the email app for my pop and Hotmail accounts.

Push to email works like a charm in Android systems ,I used to receive emails in my Samsung Galaxy Sii  and the Motorola Xoom both mostly in same time.

Google Services on Xoom

Google Calendar is integrated well and I am happy with it. I can see the updated. Calendar entries in my all devices.

Google Talk

Video calls are good via Google Talk in your Xoom. I had great time with the help of Google Talk.

I am planning a huge list of posts that will help new Xoom users like me ,as there are very limited resources for Honecomb on the net .

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