Have you lost few Keys from your Laptop ? Here is the solution !

laptop key replacement

Keys on the Laptop keyboards are very sophisticated ,easy to come up alone if  you fiddle with. My 3 years old daughter pulled few keys from my Samsung R420 laptop . I checked for the replacement keys from most of the computer hardware shops ,all said that “You have to go for a full keyset replacement pack ,you cannot buy few keys alone ,that will cost you around USD 80-120 .”

I have checked with my friends who are in Singapore and Malaysia ,still I could not find  better solution . I Googled for the solution and came across the website called a dedicated laptop key sellers. I have browsed through the lists and found keys for my laptop model (compatible )a key costs only  USD 4.99. I have ordered for ”Y”  “Alt” keys ,with shipping cost (normal post)altogether my order came to USD 12 something.


I have got the keys placed inside a  long envelop within 7 days from my order. Just placed the keys on my key board ,fixed !

I am happy about the following things indeed :

  1. Very fast delivery(from US to Sri Lanka )
  2. Affordable price for individual keys
  3. No customs ,duty problems I faced as it came as a letter post

Have you lost few keys from your laptop ? don’t worry now we know the solution !

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