Findings of Nokia Xpress Music 5800 on the second week's Review


Almost eight months passed from the launch  of Nokia Xpress Music in UK and other regions. Asia is becoming more and more familiar with Nokia touch devices these days . After I lost my lovable darling Nokia N95 8GB last month (Read my tips on safeguarding your mobile device ) ,I bought the Xpress Music 5800 as my new device until I go for N97 or better.

I am a power user. After my two weeks of living with My newly married Nokia Xpress Music 5800 ,the following are the findings I would like to share with our reader friends. I avoid more technical  speaking and writing this review from a point of a user.

Things I like in Nokia Xpress Music 5800

  • Worth for the price.  The reason I went for Nokia N95 8GB earlier was ,the number of functions and hardware capabilities packed with it ,but the price was same as N97 now ,when I bought it. But Xpress Music has the most of the power that N series offers for half  Price of the regular high end Nokia mobile .
  • Viewing videos are much more better as it gives a wide screen experience. Nokia Xpress Music 5800 Screen size  is(3.2″) is more than enough to watch videos. I watch more now on my mobile device.
  • Sound quality is OK type. Not more to say . It is loud enough to occupy your living room. It gives the same sound quality when you cover with the pouch or case came with the box.I am happy about this particular point

  • FM radio UI is very impressive. It gives the channel names automatically using RDS and the display is fantastic.
  • The stand comes with the phone is a good idea ,handy and fancy ,it helps a lot to keep the phone while you watch movies.
  • Proximity sensor is good as power off the screen while you talk ,saves the battery.

  • The battery usage is ok with me ,as I charge the phone daily morning when getting ready to work.  But I managed  two days without charging but the battery bar went to last level.
  • Video recording in the day light and good  lighting conditions , are so great. Nokia xpress music 5800 gives very good quality video with high frame rate. I am happy about it,I can do video interviews and on the street recordings using this device.
  • Noka Xpress Music 5800’s UI tweaks like auto screen rotation (using accelerometer ),Silencing calls,Snoozing Alarms are fine.

  • Nokia Xpress Music Offers full screen caller Image ,and adding images also easy.

What is your experiences (the postive ones ,please post as comments ,negatives shall be posted in my upcoming part 2 )

The things I don’t like in Nokia Xpress Music 5800

I have enough to post after a break. Please visit soon…..

By S.Manimaraa (click me to follow on twitter)

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