Few Singh Jokes :: Laughter is the best medicine

I have received few Jokes via email, created on one race called singhs from india today..

all around the world people of a race have their own believes and ideas about another race. In india the prime minister itself a Singh(by Race) ,but still other indians treatĀ  Singhs as fools in jokes. It is only for laughing purpose. I will post different jokes about diferent groups also ,if any one post to me. The term “Sardar” and other Names here denotes Singhs.

enjoy !

Boss: Where were you born?
Sardar: Punjab …
Boss: which part?
Sardar: Kya which part? Whole body born in Punjab .

2 sardar were fixing a bomb in a car.
Sardar 1: What would you do if the bomb
explodes while fixing.
Sardar 2: Dont worry, I have one more.

Sardar: What is the name of your car?
Lady: I forgot the name, but is starts with “T”.
Sardar: Oye Kamaal ki gaadi hai, Tea se start hoti hai. Hamaara gaadi petrol se start hoti hai.

Sardar joined new job.. 1st day he worked till late evening on the computer. Boss was happy and asked what you did till evening.
Sardar: Keyboard alphabets were not in order, so I made it alright.

Museum Administrator: That’s a 500-year-old statue u’ve broken.
Banta: Thanks God! I thought it was a new one.

At the scene of an accident a man was crying: O God! I have lost my hand, oh!
Santa: Control yourself. Don’t cry. See that man. He has lost his head. Is he crying?

Banta: U cheated me.
Shopkeeper: No, I sold a good radio to u..
Banta: Radio label shows Made in Japan but radio says this is all India Radio!

In an interview, Interviewer: How does an electric motor run?
Santa: Dhhuuuurrrrrrrrrr. …..
Inteviewer shouts: Stop it.
Santa: Dhhuurrrr dhup dhup dhup…

Tourist: Whose skeleton is that?
Santa: Tipu’s skeleton.
Tourist: Who’s that smaller skeleton next to it?
Santa: That was Tipu’s skeleton when he was child

Please Note : IĀ  just publish this jokes as it is availalbe on internet , I know lot of Singhs are very doing well in legal areas also, please dont file a case on me. Thanks.

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