Ergonomic Head Sets : Listen Music,Feel the vibrations , protect your ear drum : Singapore Expo 2009


So far you listen music inside  your ears directly via the regular headsets. You cannot listen any out side sounds,which may cause you danger at times. Scientifically your ear may loss hearing power little by little if you are heavy listener. But the good news is you have an ergonomic headsets now to choose.

Few Korian Companies introduced the new ergonomic heads sets in the Communic Asia 2009 Expo in Singapore .This sets passing music out side of the ear hole. This grips our ear out side and transfer music via the thin  skin. I have checked the sound quality ,Really it is superb ! .


I feel pain when I listen music via the regular headsets for a long time. This type of head sets will not give you any pain. While you listen music you can hear any warning sounds out side, answer your phone calls .

VIBES is one of the companies offering the ergonomic headsets ,I find their solution more innovative . The  vibration effect is good and the sound is little bit high comparing to other headsets .

But the price is the only worrying part . It costs you minimum USD 80 now.

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