Charging your mobile phones via tower ,on the go ! :Thinking out of the Box:


I was thinking and telling my friend about a technology sparked in my mind when I was in my own company in Sri Lanka. He told me that is very new and good idea and suggested me to make it copy righted  invention  ,I just ignored as it is one of my thousand ideas.()))))

Now it seems ,becomes more practical ,I heard news about it via ears not on the net. The technology I am talking about is “Charging your mobile phone battery via electromagnetic waves sent my the tower.”

As I have seen the blinking lights attached out side of the mobile phones ,when there is an incoming call /Or out going. I realized that the bulbs using the increased signal strength’s electric power to blink. I think you know the bulb I talk about,it is a fancy small sticker like lights few bus,you can attach to any mobile phones. no wires ,no batteries ,but it lights up .

Logically I thought that by increasing this power a little bit and decreasing the battery consumption of the mobile ,why we cant charge a tiny battery to operate the mobile.

If it is possible ,then when you are out side from home and running out of battery,just send sms to your operator with the message “Charge”then phone automatically will be charging and that time you have to stop talking and keep little far from your order to protect your self from high electric signals.

I found some strange technology(Using Leaves of a tree !!!!)  about charging your phone on the net now ,I will come up with the information  within few hours.

How do you find about this idea which is already in research As I heard, but I got this idea in 2006 in my mind(cannot make sure the year)if any one knows the progress of this research can you share here please.


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