buy your next netbook for USD 50:Intel Atom inside

A&T mobile n(USA ) network announced the price of USD 50 for a netbook if the buyers sign for a internet contract with them.

You might have seen a lot of unbelievable  laptop ads with the very lower prices that you never heard recently ,it should be a netbook. The net book is light like a mobile phone and working like a personal computer.

Laptops become the standard computer companion for every one nowadays as, the prices are affordable and in some cases cheaper than a high end PC.

The net book is the cheapest device looks like a note book or laptop,helps to browse net,chat in yahoo or msn messenger etc, take skype like voip calls . the main purpose of the netbook is using for Internet communication and using for basic need of a pC like word processing and spreadsheet solutions.

After the arrival of intel’s ATOM Processor ,the manufacturers of netbooks able to reduce the price as low as USD 99(Announced).

So far, netbooks have appealed to a relatively small audience. Some of the devices feel more like toys or overgrown phones than full-featured computers. Still, they are the big success story in the PC industry, with sales predicted to double this year, even as overall PC sales fall 12 percent, according to the research firm Gartner. By the end of 2009, netbooks could account for close to 10 percent of the PC market, an astonishing rise in a short span.

Netbooks have trouble running demanding software like games and photo-editing programs. They cater instead to people who spend most of their time dealing with online services and want a cheap, light device they can use on the go. Most of the netbooks sold today run on an Intel chip called Atom, which is a lower-cost, lower-power version of the company’s standard laptop chips. And about 80 percent of netbooks run Windows XP, the older version of Microsoft’s flagship software.(As the vista is a hardware hunger OS )

When you choose the Intel Atom based laptop ,you should understand that it can be a better Internet communicator and basic computing device only,if you want more power like a PC you should go for other Intel processors like dual core,core2 duo etc….

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