Blackberry gets Google Apps :Voice Search

The latest version of Google Mobile App is already available for download for BlackBerry users. With it, you’ll be able to enjoy all the goodies that have only been available to iPhone OS and Android users.

The features that the new Google Mobile app introduces to the BlackBerry owners are voice search and My Location. The first of those allows you to initiate a Google search without ever needing to touch the keyboard. All you need to do is speak the desired search string while holding the Call key – as simple as it gets.

The My Location feature enables users to make searches based on their current location. This means that when you need a place to eat nearby you no longer have to type “restaurant near X”, you just type “restaurant” and the Mobile App will give you a list of places in the vicinity. The Google Mobile app is available to all devices running BlackBerry OS 4.1 or later with the search by voice available on all versions subsequent to 4.2.
The bad news is that the BlackBerry Storm is not yet supported but this should be added in the near future. You can download the Google Mobile App from here.

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