Beautiful Malaysian's are in Danger of over diet

Malaysia is a beautiful country ,rich in landscapes and nature. The danger of Living in Malaysia is uncontrolled eating habit.  Malaysians love food extremely . They like to try different dishes. They have their own hundreds of tasty dishes and short eats. Malaysia is rich by cultures ,communities.

The problem with the Malaysian cuisine is mostly they are

3)Sugar Added

And Malaysians have the habit of eating despite of time and number of meals.

The percentage of Heart Diseases,Diabetics are very high in Malaysia. I meet the people ,who are above 30s almost should be a victim for diabetic. Even though the food control ,or diet control culture is very poor. People who have diabetic also eating like a normal person ,but take their medicine on time (they are satisfied with it) . I have seen this among my colleagues ,friends in Malaysia .

Food stall on street

After work people have some rest ,then moves out for a “Makkan”(Food in Malay Language). They go with the family for a out side food at least 2 times a week. But individually when they go for work ,take food stall meals daily.

During a one day Management training in my Office ,they served  4 times food. Event started by 10.00 AM ,we had a break with all sweet short eats and a tea by 10.30 AM. Sharp 1.00 Pm had a Pizza Hurt (Choices of different flavors). By 3.30 Pm another set of short eats and 5.00 Pm end up with tea and short eats.

My stomach was very heavy than my head on the particular day.

People have a good hospitality here in Malaysia. They want to honor other by offering good food. So simply you can get so many invitations for Makkan in Malaysia. Malaysian offers food frequently despite of ceremonies . For them every day is a good day for it.

The choices of drinks are very huge.  Fruit juices like lemon ,orange,apple juice etc . Tea ,coffee, tea and coffee mixed, tea and coffee mixed without milk . with milk, with ginger,with lemon etc.. You are committed to order a drink while you order your meal at the restaurants ,they will look at you as a wonder if not.

As Sri Lankans,Indians used to drink water with the meals ,here Malaysian will have a juice or other drinks with a meal. Every food session in Malaysia is full of sugar,and oil. A tasty but unhealthy food habit of Malaysia leads to lot of heart and chronic diseases.

They prefer to use colours in food and drinks. You can see plenty of coloured drinks at every food stall. For the tea also they use a colouring that is prohibited in Singapore, the neighbouring country .

Now Malaysian government advertises healthy foods campaign ,they announce to reduce oil ,sugar and salt in foods. But for Malaysian this all are the big challenge  today. I did not see a person going for a diet meal among the Malays (The majority race)even fro the professional ,people working in medical field.

Malaysia is known as the food paradise of south east Asia .

If you come Malaysia no doubt you will enjoy a very tasty meal . But if you live in Malaysia …..

Note: I am an Expatriate working in Malaysia

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